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And explain to your loved one that it’s important to keep outstanding balances on his or her cards under 20% of the limit on those cards, since the formulas reward a low utilization ratio.

“Attacking those two issues will help improve credit scores faster than any other actions,” says Griffin.

Another strategy, if you earn enough money: Consider taking on some monthly costs that you previously shared—like rent or the car payment—by yourself to allow your spouse to use more of his or her salary towards personal debt. Another possibly efficient way to improve your partner’s credit rating is by adding him or her to one of your major credit cards as an authorized user.

“Most scoring models incorporate authorized user accounts in the [credit score] calculation, so they can contribute positively,” says Griffin.

“There’s no easy way to separate yourself from it,” says Ulzheimer.

“When the two of you break up, you’re still connected via the liability, whether you want to be or not.” A better idea: Introduce your partner to a secured card, designed for borrowers who can’t qualify for a regular credit card yet due to poor or insufficient credit histories.

While it’s a slower process towards rebuilding credit, the extra discipline and effort involved may be a helpful reminder in the future of why it’s never a good idea to overspend.…but don’t step in to wipe away your partner’s missteps Think twice before using up personal savings to clear your partner’s towering credit card balance.If the debt stems from reckless and irresponsible spending, bailing out your spouse won’t teach any lessons.…don’t co-sign on the dotted line Taking on a new credit card and using it responsibly is yet another way to help improve one’s credit rating.But if your partner needs you to co-sign or be added as “secondary” borrower, think twice. If your spouse falls behind on payments, the bank could come after your money.

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